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When you are trying to grow your site's SEO, it can be a real drag. The challenge of getting a website to link to yours could be tough if not for guest posting. What is guest posting? Guest posting is perhaps the single easiest way to get quality sites to link to your website to improve your website ranking in Google. Guest posting is popular as for both writer and website owner it can be a win-win. Understanding...

It's pretty much impossible to go anywhere without seeing someone on their cell phone. Research suggests that we look at our phones 85 times per day, and spend up to five hours per day on our devices. For mobile developers, this is a bit of a Catch 22. On one hand, it's great that there's already a built-in audience, ready to receive what you release. But on the other, it means that you're facing a ton of...

Let's say you're at a farmer's market, along with a few thousand of your closest friends. You have a great table set up, your goods are displayed, and you're offering a great deal. Yet people don't seem to be stopping by. Instead, they're heading to your neighbor's table. What gives? Imagine how frustrating the situation would be! But did you realize that's how the web operates? If you're not advertising, you're more or less invisible to your customer...

You spent all day crafting the best article you've ever written. Once you finished editing and sourcing images, you're ready to hit publish. Once you've hit that magic button, there are crickets. Day after day, there's barely a trickle of traffic. Sure, a few people read it but is that enough? You need more people to read that awesome article but how? You need what's called high authority backlinks. They're links from websites that are legit, popular, and reach...

Google is your window of opportunity to bring in more traffic to your website. If you abuse or misuse it, then you risk getting a penalty. Search engines present a love-hate relationship for marketers and business owners. When you play your cards right, it can draw in targeted traffic and boost conversions. However, if you slip up, you can turn out like the webmasters who lost their rank overnight. This happened because Google decided to roll out major...

If you're a business owner, it's absolutely pertinent that you invest in professional SEO services. Why? Let's look at this example: Say that you're on a relaxing hike through the woods. You think you've planned for everything, with a canteen, compass, bug spray, and a first aid kit. About three hours into your hike, a wave of revelation washes over you. You forgot the map and have no idea where you're going. Now you're lost with no clear indication...

Considering that the average internet user will likely only spend a few seconds on your page, you'll need to reel them in fast. A blog post checklist with the best professional online marketing advice would come in handy. Below, you'll read about seven handy rules to follow whenever setting up a webpage or publishing a blog. Your readers won't wait long to dash off to another website, so you have to give it your all with every...