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At Squawkia, we have researched and analyzed the structure of content that goes viral on its own extensively. Why? Because this is what Google wants to see – high-quality content that goes viral and attracts links. After gaining a full understanding of how this happens, we have developed a system to mimic this path of viral content. We have full control of making our clients content go viral! What does this mean for you? Using our link building strategy,...

Are you struggling to keep up with your blog? If so, hiring a blog writing service is exactly can be the simple solution to your problems. Blogging is essential for SEO and businesses that blog are proven to bring in more customers than those who don't. In fact, companies that blog have 97% more inbound links. Why Consider a Blog Writing Service? Blogging has basically become an essential part of every business plan, but since the space is so...

You can't ignore the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in today's business world. SEO is critical to reaching your audience and converting potential customers into buyers. If you are not generating the revenue that your competitors are, you need to consider investing in expert SEO services. There are a million excuses for not focusing on this critical marketing component. I'm too busy! I need to save money! I'm streamlining my processes! However, these excuses are actually the very reasons why you need...

The world of SEO can seem like a never-ending, ever-changing maze for many of us. Every time we get through one obstacle, we run into another challenge. While SEO might not be your greatest strength, it doesn't discount the importance that a top-notch SEO lends to your business success. When Google introduced their Penguin algorithm, link building became even more powerful in determining rankings among competitive industries, requiring greater skill and expertise than ever before. It's one of the...

The #1 position in searches gets 33% of the clicks. #2 gets about 17%. After that, your chances are slim to none. You need to be at the top to earn those clicks. To do that, you need to know that SEO pros know. Let's explore 10 key pieces of advice from SEO pros that will help you obtain and retain that #1 spot. 1.) Quality Matters Your website both on the screen and behind the scenes must demonstrate that it's all about...