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What Makes a Great Blog Writing Service?

Blog Writing Service

What Makes a Great Blog Writing Service?

Are you struggling to keep up with your blog?

If so, hiring a blog writing service is exactly can be the simple solution to your problems. Blogging is essential for SEO and businesses that blog are proven to bring in more customers than those who don’t. In fact, companies that blog have 97% more inbound links.

Why Consider a Blog Writing Service?

Blogging has basically become an essential part of every business plan, but since the space is so crowded, consumers’ are demanding higher quality content.

Now, it’s no longer acceptable to simply create a blog and forget about it — consumers want a trusted source they can keep coming back to for the information they need.

The key to building this trust and expert status in a consumers mind is by posting good content, and posting it often. A quick post once a month isn’t going to get anyone’s attention. Consumers now want quality and quantity.

It’s true — businesses that blog more than 20 times a month get five times more traffic than those who blog only four times a month.

If you’re busy running other aspects of your business, finding the time to write 5 or more high-quality blog posts in a month might seem like an impossible task.

But hiring someone on staff to write your blog posts may not be an option, even for larger companies. It can be extremely expensive to bring on a new employee, so what’s the solution? Hire a blog writing service.

Blog writers take all the work out of managing a blog, at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone onto your staff.

But be cautious; blog writing services are popular, but not all are created equally. If hiring a blog writing service sounds like a good option for you, make sure you do your research to know what sets the good from the ugly.

To get started, here are six things that all good blog writing services should do for you:

1.) They Communicate

This might sound obvious, but writing companies should be good at communicating. Communication every step of the way is crucial for your blog posts to be effective and bring in the business you want.

First, they should communicate at the beginning of every project. Each one should have clear expectations of who will be doing what, and how much influence your business can have during the process.

How many articles will be provided and when will you see them? Who makes edits to the posts? All of these points should be communicated to you up front.

Next, they should always keep you in the loop during the writing and editing process. They should always make deadlines and, if something is going to be late, this is communicated to you.

Finally, a good blog writing service will keep in touch after you receive the final product to make sure that you are truly satisfied. If not, they should offer a solution to do better next time.

2.) They Honor Your Brand

No one knows your brand better than you and that includes your blog writing service. If you feel like your blog writing company isn’t honoring your brand’s marketing, that probably means they’re doing something wrong.

A good blog writing company will do thorough research on your company to learn everything they need to know and more. They’ll also get to know you, your employees and ask tons of questions to make sure they’ve captured your brands unique “voice.”

This voice is crucial to standing out in the crowded blog space, so make sure your blog writing service isn’t delivering bland, off-brand copy.

3.) They Go Above & Beyond

Don’t accept mediocre service from a blog writing company. Again, there are many different services out there, so you should always feel that

If something goes wrong they’ll offer a solution and won’t disappear on you. They’ll also follow up with you after your blog post is posted to make sure you’re 100% happy with how things turned out.

4.) They Make Your Life Easier

This point is important to remember throughout your working relationship with the company. A good quest post service will always strive to make your life easier, not add to your stress.

Remember: you hired the blog writing service to take work away from you. If you notice that keeping up with them has become more work than writing posts yourself, it’s time to consider other options.

5.) They Give You a Good Price

There are many different blogging services out there, so prices come in a very wide range.

Before you start looking around, make sure you have an idea of what you’re looking for. Consider these points:

  • How many posts do you want per month?
  • How long do you want this posts to be?
  • Do you want images and video content or just written text?
  • Do you want the company to handle hosting and post blogs for you?
  • How much say do you want in the editing process?

All of these factors can greatly influence how much you pay for blog writing services, so have a good idea of what you need out of a company before shopping around.

Also keep in mind the old saying that “you get what you pay for.” While we’ve all heard it before, it rings especially true with blog post writing services.

6.) They Work Quickly & Efficiently

Has your blog writing service promised you articles and not delivered? Don’t accept sub-par service. Your blog writers should always be on time and deliver content as it is promised.

Remember, great content isn’t created in minutes, so make sure you’re always planning ahead and give your writers plenty of time to write. Once you do this, it’s up to the blog writers to make sure they deliver.

But again, not all blog writing companies are created equal — this is why it’s a good idea to audit your blog writers every step of the way. Don’t assume that they’re always doing their job correctly. If something doesn’t seem right, step in and express your concerns.

Are you ready to get started with a high-quality blog writing service? Check out our services page to learn about all that we have to offer. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’re looking forward to helping you create great content and bring in new business.

Cary Byrd is the owner of Squawkia.com, a digital marketing company based in San Antonio, Texas. After founding eDrugSearch.com in 2007, Cary grew his website using Online Marketing and then went on to help other local businesses do the same with his Agency. ​Cary started Squawkia to help overwhelmed business owners focus on proven, yet affordable strategies that are easy to implement, have the lowest cost and give the highest impact.

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