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Why You Are Failing At Link Development and How an Expert Can Help

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Why You Are Failing At Link Development and How an Expert Can Help

Google’s algorithm analyzes over 200 different ranking factors.

While Google has made a lot of changes over the years, links remain one of the four most important factors for ranking well.

If your website doesn’t rank in the top results for relevant keyword searches, chances are it’s a problem with your link development strategy.

We’re going to cover 5 common link development mistakes, as well as how an SEO expert can fix your current strategy.

1.) Building Too Many Links

It takes time to build quality links. So if an SEO company or software tool promises tons of links in no time, chances are it’s a scam. Unfortunately, many businesses get duped into this type of scam.

There are a few problems with building too many links in a short amount of time. These links generally come from sources like forums and blog comments. Google is smart enough to identify these low-quality links.

Not only does Google give very little weight to these types of links, but they can also penalize a website for engaging in spammy behavior. And even if a site doesn’t get penalized, their link profile will lack diversity.

2.) Building Too Few Links

It’s not worth taking shortcuts with link development. However, it is very important to be consistent with your link building efforts. Plenty of businesses invest a little in SEO and then wonder why they don’t see any results.

The answer is Google’s search engine result pages are very competitive. The sites that rank at the top for commercial keywords are focused on building quality links throughout every month.

If you want your website to rank well and maintain those rankings, you need to commit to long-term link building. Since you may not have the internal resources for this ongoing work, hiring an expert SEO service is the best solution.

3.) Overlooking Local SEO

There is plenty of overlap between the optimal strategies for standard and local SEO. The mistake many businesses make is assuming that implementing a standard SEO strategy will help them rank locally as well.

The reason this doesn’t usually work is Google looks at different ranking factors for local search terms. And as more searches occur on mobile devices, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to have a strong local presence online.

Citations are the most important element of local SEO. It’s crucial to have a quality mix of citations from local directories, rich media sources and social media sites.

By building these citations for your business, you can show Google that you have a real business with an actual local presence. Although this may seem like a lot of work, our local SEO services can take care of all the work for you.

To ensure everything is done correctly, we begin our work with a full citation audit. This is the only way to be identify all existing citations. Our audit will take note of which citations are correct and which ones need to be fixed.

4.) Using the Same Anchor Text

Prior to 2012, many link building strategies revolved around exact match anchor text. Businesses would try to build as many links as possible using their target keywords as anchor text.

Then a few months into 2012, Google rolled out their Penguin Update. One of the effects this update had was penalizing sites for over-optimized anchor text.

Because this update continues to play a central role in Google’s algorithm, it’s important to avoid using the same anchor text in all links. While it’s fine to incorporate some keywords, it’s important to build a natural link profile.

Taking this approach to building links means using branded anchor text, as well as links with anchor text like click here. Building links with different anchor text will help your site rank well and avoid penalties.

5.) Not Publishing Quality Content

Once a business gets started with link development, it’s easy to get too focused on specific link building activities. This can cause a business to fall behind with other important online marketing strategies.

Not publishing content is the perfect example of an important strategy many businesses put off. Some businesses never start publishing, while others do it too infrequently.

As your business builds links, you want to have a lot of targeted pages that can rank well in Google. Consistently publishing content is the best way to get these types of pages.

In addition to publishing content on your own site, publishing guest posts on other blogs is a smart strategy. Guest posting is an excellent way to build quality links. It also helps to put your business in front of new audiences.

We understand that blog writing and guest posting take a lot of time. That’s why we offer both of these SEO services. By working with us, you’ll be able to consistently publish a stream of quality content for your business.

The Benefits of a Comprehensive Link Development Solution

Building too many or too few links are mistakes that can hurt your overall link development efforts. The same is true for using the same anchor text, overlooking local SEO and not publishing content.

One of the reasons so many businesses continue to make these mistakes is building links the right way takes a lot of resources and work.

If you’re in this position, the good news is it doesn’t have to hinder your ability to do SEO. What you need is a comprehensive link development solution. At Squawkia, we provide everything needed for search engine optimization success.

Our comprehensive solution is fully managed. You will have a dedicated campaign manager. This dedicated point of contact will make it easy to get your customized SEO strategy up and running.

We will take care of your local SEO, guest posting, blog writing, link building and more. Then at the end of the month, you’ll receive a report about everything we’ve done for your business.

The detailed and transparent reports we provide share everything you need to know about your SEO progress. You’ll also be able to discuss these reports with your campaign manager.

You can find the perfect solution for your business by looking at our SEO packages. You can also call us with any questions at 1-877-500-8757.

Cary Byrd is the owner of Squawkia.com, a digital marketing company based in San Antonio, Texas. After founding eDrugSearch.com in 2007, Cary grew his website using Online Marketing and then went on to help other local businesses do the same with his Agency. ​Cary started Squawkia to help overwhelmed business owners focus on proven, yet affordable strategies that are easy to implement, have the lowest cost and give the highest impact.

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