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Let's say you're at a farmer's market, along with a few thousand of your closest friends. You have a great table set up, your goods are displayed, and you're offering a great deal. Yet people don't seem to be stopping by. Instead, they're heading to your neighbor's table. What gives? Imagine how frustrating the situation would be! But did you realize that's how the web operates? If you're not advertising, you're more or less invisible to your customer...

If you've ever researched SEO with the hopes of implementing the strategies on your own website, you've probably seen lots of promising statistics. Maybe you heard that content marketing can result in a 2000 percent increase in traffic. Or that 70 percent of the links that get clicked on search engines are organic results, rather than paid. These statistics can be great motivation to kick your web strategy into high gear. But they can also be misleading. That's because...

Before we start, we have to admit the fact that no human is superhuman. When you are running an online business, dealing with orders, content, marketing, and your total SEO score, keeping up with everything is just not possible. Keeping a one-man show going will slowly destroy both your energy and your brand. You need to trust more people, grow your team and put the right people in the right position. This will not only bring peace to...

What's the cost of doing business? How about the cost of doing business poorly? Here's a revelation: "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." Can you grasp the meaning behind Red Adair's words? It's why you're reading this. You're at the point where it's time to get serious about needing help in the SEO department. It's not a new concept. About one-third of companies outsource some part of...