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Discover Insanely Effective Solutions for Your Business’s Total SEO Needs

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Discover Insanely Effective Solutions for Your Business’s Total SEO Needs

Before we start, we have to admit the fact that no human is superhuman. When you are running an online business, dealing with orders, content, marketing, and your total SEO score, keeping up with everything is just not possible.

Keeping a one-man show going will slowly destroy both your energy and your brand. You need to trust more people, grow your team and put the right people in the right position.

This will not only bring peace to your mind but also help you generate more revenue and, eventually, meet success. So, where should you start?

Work With an All-in-One Agency

First of all, the number one solution for you is to start working with an all-in-one agency. There are entrepreneurs who will disagree with this argument and tell you that hiring an agency for each task is a better solution. Others will argue that an in-house team might be more effective.

Allow us to disagree.

Let’s take a look at ten reasons why a “do everything” external agency will help you with your total SEO needs.

1.) Fresh Overview

All-in-one SEO agencies are usually made up of young professionals in the business, full of energy, and ready to take the latest SEO trends and apply them to your business.

Moreover, hiring an “out-of-house” team will give you an outside opinion which will not be based on inside influences such as personal connections, friendships, or special preferences.

Your total SEO tactic will be clear, new, and uninfluenced.

2.) You Are The Client

Whether you like it or not, being the client instead of the boss is better and it can help you achieve great results. Clients tend to have more power over a company (or an agency in our case) than a boss has over employees.

If your SEO agency fails to deliver what they have promised, you can easily hire another one that gets and respects your expectations. It might sound a little shallow but this is the hard, honest truth.

After all, the customer is always right–totally not true but you know what we mean.

3.) No Training is Required

When you are working with an in-house team, you have to make sure your offer them some training. You need to finance seminars you want them to attend and invest time and energy in their evaluation process.

An all-in-one agency surely knows more than you do about total SEO. You don’t have to train anyone and, sometimes, you will be the one to gain more information on this really interesting topic.

4.) Better Communication

Are you thinking about hiring a different agency for your blog posts, another one for your link building, another for your local SEO etc.? We are sorry to be the bearers of bad news but you should better be prepared for a real problem.

Lack of communication.

Managing a team is hard. Imagine what happens when you have to work with three or five different teams that need to work together in order for you to generate revenue. Most likely, each team will bring a different approach and strategy that will contradict each other.

Hiring just one company for all the SEO magic you might need will only make things better in terms of communication. You will need to talk to just one agency that, over time, will fully understand what you are looking for.

5.) Total SEO Services on a Budget

Total SEO companies, usually offer some great low-cost packages and amazing offers for regular clients they can trust.

So, hiring an all-in-one agency will save you more money than an in-house SEO team would, and you will be able to negotiate a better price depending on the results they deliver.

If you are not satisfied, you can always ask for a discount. After all, it is your right to pay for what you asked.

6.) All-in-One Agencies & Consultation

When you are working closely with a team of experts, you are getting valuable information on the industry and the path you have to follow if you want to meet success.

When you are talking with your agency, you are, without realizing it, getting a consultation from experts that many people would pay for. This doesn’t mean that after a period of time you will be able to manage your SEO.

However, think it as an opportunity to educate yourself in a field you didn’t know much about.

So, make sure that every time you are meeting with your agency, you are addressing the right questions and issues to get more answers. Be honest, talk about the strategies that you initially had in mind and be open to new suggestions.

7.) No Extensive & Exhausting Meetings

Don’t get us wrong. Meetings are always beneficial and a great opportunity for any company to work on their communication as well as develop new ideas and strategies.

However, meetings can take a lot of time.

With an agency, a weekly meeting is all you are going to need. Soon you will forget about the usual extensive meetings with your in-house team or the unnumerous meetings you would have to set up if you chose different agencies for each SEO service.

To be honest, who needs four meetings to work on your total SEO strategy and performance when you can do it all in just one? Save time, energy, and focus on managing your company.

8.) Less Monitoring & More Quality Time

Monitoring takes time. We are not suggesting that when you hire an all-in-one agency all concerns stop but they definitely decrease. Because after you hire an agency you also hire someone to monitor results and performance.

This way you and your team will be free to work on other important stuff while leaving the most sophisticated tasks to the professionals. Nobody is born with the ability to read performance numbers and work on their total SEO needs.

An agency is composed of professionals in the business who always stay up to date with the latest Google changes and current trends. These professionals are meant to offer you both the security and the services your business needs.

9.) Deeper Insights & Better Understanding

When someone logs into their Google Analytics account, all they see is a page full of numbers and terms that some people find hard to even understand. Same goes for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Adwords analytics.

Also, there is this category of people who believe they know how to properly read these sophisticated data. However, they usually just remain on the surface without exploring all the possibilities these sources can give.

Leave it to the experts and they will give you all the insights your business needs to go to the next level. Also, an all-in-one agency will combine all the data each department has and they will work hard to keep you happy.

What content generates more traffic? What keywords are more effective? Should you go with long-tail or short keywords? This is what a total SEO service can do: Help you with your Google ranking overall by examining different data from different sources.

10.) You Will Basically Be Working With a Think Tank

More minds mean more ideas. An agency that combines all the SEO services a brand might need can help with the painful problem-solving process. Usually, SEO agencies hire a lot of people which means that a big team will be working on your brand.

They will brainstorm, set up meetings and work on your business growth while you will have no participation, and, most importantly, no frustration. Let them do the thinking for you and pitch you the ideas that stood out the most.

What To Look For in an SEO Company?

Now that you know the benefits of an all-in-one agency, you should not just go out, blindfolded and pick the first company to appear in your Google search results. You have to do some research and ask yourself a bunch of questions:

  • What kind of SEO services does the agency use?
  • Do they respond back to you quickly?
  • Are they experienced in your niche?
  • Is there a testimonials page featuring astonishing reviews?
  • Do they fit your budget?

SEO is a service provided by real humans and not just machines, you should take into consideration the communication between you and them. How do you get along? Do you share the same vision for your company?

Keep asking yourself questions that will give you more information about the services and the pattern they are going to follow in order to help you. Soon, you will be able to find a great agency that you will be able to trust and work with.

How Can We Help?

We don’t want to brag but most likely we are the people you need. Either you want us to take care of your content or manage your local SEO strategy picking us seems like the perfect decision.

Take a look at our price list and contact us today to develop a personalized plan to take your total SEO and your business to the next level!

Cary Byrd is the owner of Squawkia.com, a digital marketing company based in San Antonio, Texas. After founding eDrugSearch.com in 2007, Cary grew his website using Online Marketing and then went on to help other local businesses do the same with his Agency. ​Cary started Squawkia to help overwhelmed business owners focus on proven, yet affordable strategies that are easy to implement, have the lowest cost and give the highest impact.

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