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Everything you need to create an effective SEO campaign from start to finish.


Comprehensive services such as blog writing, link building, and local SEO all handled by your own dedicated campaign manager.


A truly “done for you” service. Let us build your SEO while you focus on building your business.

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Monthly reports with full disclosure that allow you to track your progress.


If you have kept up with the trends in SEO, then you know how important high-quality content is. Content is key for establishing credibility with the big search engines AND with your target audience. It is obvious when material is spammy and provides no real value. And it hurts you. But sometimes you have too many other things on your plate. And producing high-quality content that engages your target audience is hard. That is why Squawkia in San Antonio, Texas has incorporated various content writing services and married them with our exclusive Google maps marketing techniques that creates a true “All-In-One” fully managed SEO Service. Watch this video to learn more about content marketing.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of attracting high-quality traffic to your site naturally. SEO attracts relevant traffic from visitors who are looking to find information in your market. And it attracts more traffic to your site from your target audience. SEO is also organic, meaning you don’t have to pay for it – it’s the type of traffic you want as much of as possible!



With Squawkia, you get it all – everything that your business needs to grow your online presence. Our strategic system works as a “team” delivering the kind of results that you can only get when all the “members” are present. You don’t have to pick and choose services and hope that they work. They might for a while, but without a targeted, comprehensive strategy, you’ll be left with missing holes in your campaign. With our all-inclusive packages you will get:

Amazing support from our team of experts and your own personal campaign manager.

Transparent, regular monthly reports on everything that we do for you.

Professional blog writing and link building services.

100% Customized SEO Strategy.



We will provide you with everything you need to boost your site to the next level. And the best part is that you can sit back and relax while we work, or focus on other areas of your business as your online presence grows. Here’s how our process works:

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Join our Fully Managed SEO Service and provide us with a few simple details on your site, products, and competition so that we can get started.

blog writing service

We will assign you a dedicated campaign manager – your point person that is there for you anytime you have a question, concern, or just want to talk about your awesome results!


We will get to work building you a fully comprehensive, customized SEO strategy so that you can increase your rankings, build links, and establish your presence online quickly and efficiently.


Each month you will receive fully transparent, highly detailed reports on your SEO progress. We leave nothing out and nothing to chance. We will fully disclose all the data to you so that you can see for yourself how well your site is doing.


The reason is simple – if you want to be the best, you need to work with the best.

To build your site and your success to new levels, establish your credibility with Google and other top search engines, and drive more qualified, targeted traffic to your site, you need Squawkia. At Squawkia, we’ve poured countless hours into sorting through and analyzing an extensive amount of data. Through our research and our trials and errors, we’ve learned what works and how it works.

As a result of our expertise in this area, we’ve managed over a hundred thousand SEO campaigns. And what we have discovered is that by attacking SEO from a variety of angles, using multiple services simultaneously, we are able to provide our clients with the most comprehensive SEO strategy on the market today.

Our SEO service is not an a la carte service where you are left wondering what to choose because the truth is you need ALL these services working together. That is how you get results. That is how you drive more traffic to your site. And not just any traffic – high-quality, targeted traffic from the audience you want reading your website. With Squawkia, you will get the maximum bang for your buck.

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