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Google Maps Marketing Domination

Google Maps MarketingHere’s Why You Need Google Maps Marketing Domination

The Google Maps marketing 3-Pack is great for increasing phone calls, hot leads, and customer relations. When you do a Google search, you may have noticed the top three listings that draw your attention. These three listings that appear at the top of your search, or maybe just below a section of ads, are called the 3-Pack, and they consist of local businesses.

The 3-Pack is the best position to be in for a Google search. So, as you can see, being a part of the 3-Pack is essential for a local business since it lets everyone searching know that your business is present and recommended. Combined with an impactful review profile, you’ll find your local business booming with sales and recognition thanks to Google maps marketing campaigns.

The 3-Pack gives you an opportunity to showcase your business to Google searchers, who are people looking for a place with availability and good reviews. Being ranked in the 3-Pack snags customers and brings in more phone calls and sales. When you’re in the 3-Pack, a potential customer has the ease of clicking on your business’ name and finding:

  • Customer reviews
  • A click to call option
  • An open in maps feature
  • Business address and hours

All of these things make it easy and convenient for your customers to connect with you and your business. With all of these options at their fingertips, your customers will have no problem finding you. And from there, it will be easy for you to rake in the sales as one of Google Maps marketing companies.

A Google User has more Faith in the 3-Pack Than in Paid Advertisements

google maps marketing campaignsThere are a few different ways to get your business on the first page of Google’s search results. You could pay for an advertisement with Google AdWords, get your rank up in the 3-Pack, or be one of the usual listings below the 3-Pack.

Your budget for advertising has a direct effect on how successful your business is. It can be worrying to wonder how much you spend and where you should spend it. You want to get the most out of your budget. And with everyone searching for what they need on Google, you obviously need your business to be where they can find it. So which section of Google will bring in the most benefits? Among Google Maps marketing campaigns, the 3-Pack is clearly the way to go.

Because the 3-Pack is at the top of the page and not flashy like a paid ad, it is noticed most by Google users. A typical Google user does not trust paid advertisements or find them relevant to what they are looking for. The 3-Pack stands out, literally above the rest.

With the cost per click of paid search results constantly growing and the conversion rate of those clicks decreasing, the rewards yielded for your investment just wouldn’t be worth it. The average conversion on AdWords is only around 3%, which means that you would need one-hundred clicks just to get three phone calls. It’s obvious that Google users don’t pay much attention to the ads or click through them enough for it to be of benefit to you. The 44% conversion rate of the 3-Pack is certainly the better option.

When Google users find your business on the 3-Pack, they’re most likely to click the name of your business, which will send them to a Google My Business listing where they’ll see your business’ phone number and other information. And here is where most users make their buying decisions from Google Maps marketing companies.

Your business will need to have reviews in order to appeal to Google users. Without reviews, a Google user will not be interested or trusting of your business. Positive, glowing reviews are the most important thing needed to draw new customers to your business. With good reviews, your business will draw the most attention in the 3-Pack.

Google users are more likely to trust the reviews in the 3-Pack than the any that are listed directly on a website, because they’ve come to know and trust the Google Maps marketing campaigns. The ratings that they see on Google are what draw them in and the reviews that they read in the 3-Pack are what ultimately help them make their buying decision.

A Google Maps Marketing 3-Pack Listing Needs Good Reviews to Go Along With It

The customer reviews on your business have a huge impact on potential customers and even the opinions of existing customers. Your business’ brand and reputation also depend on the reviews that your customers leave you. These reviews could quite literally make or break your sales and services. And it’s not just about the quality of the reviews, it about quantity as well. The online feedback for your business plays a definitive role in its bottom line.

Everyone has access to the internet, either via phone, computer, or other devices. And these days a would-be customer prefers to research a product or service before making a decision, usually by reading online reviews. And most of these potential customers take these reviews to be as reliable as a personal recommendation.

This is why it is so important to have reviews for your business on your Google listing. A lack of user reviews on Google Maps marketing campaigns and other websites used for consumer research, such as Yelp, is like ignoring the needs of your consumers. As stated, both quality and quantity of reviews are essential as a marketing tool to draw in potential customers for your business.

Consumers prefer reading reviews to aid them in their buying decisions. And your business will either lose an opportunity to attract these customers by depriving them of these reviews or thrive by providing them with exactly what they are looking for by being among Google Maps marketing companies.

Having More Stars Means Having More Click-to-Calls on Your Google Maps Marketing 3-Pack

Having a good average on your star rating is another important factor for earning the attention of Google users. A business with 5-star reviews will draw in more consumers than a business with 3-star reviews.

The number of reviews that are influencing the star rating is also important for earning consumer trust. A customer may read as many as twenty or more reviews before making their buying decision. 83% of consumers read between two and ten reviews. But there are 7% of consumers that do read between eleven and twenty reviews. And there are 6% of consumers who prefer reading more than twenty. This is why it is a good idea for your business to have at least eleven online reviews in order to grab the attention of the most consumers.

Google Maps marketing companiesReviews Impact Google Maps Marketing 3-Pack Visibility

The quality and quantity of your reviews can influence your business’ ranking in the Google Maps Marketing 3-Pack as well as the natural or organic search engine results in Google Maps marketing campaigns. There is even some speculation that the reviews on third-party sites, such as Yelp, can help your business rank higher since Google uses the information from these sites’ directories.

If Google only uses their own reviews or also factors in the reviews from third-party sites, either way it is clear that the more positive reviews that your business has, the higher the chance will be of your business ranking in Google’s 3-Pack rather than below it, which is where the link that says “More Places” appears. And this spot has very low visibility and requires more clicking to get to. Google users very seldom look beneath the 3-Pack, even if there are Google Maps marketing companies there.

Good reviews will help Google to use its search engine to determine your business as a trending local business, which will increase your ranking and land you a spot in the Google Maps marketing 3-Pack. Reviews have date and time stamps, so current customer reviews are visible to Google’s search engine. That is why it is important to keep engaging your customers and raking in more recent reviews.

If you’re still skeptical, you should know that the bottom line on reviews is that their importance is rising steadily. Numerous surveys have revealed that consumers are looking for reviews when they make a buying decision. And the Google Maps marketing campaigns uses online reviews when ranking their results in the 3-Pack.

Online reviews are important and they will only increase in importance. That is why it is so imperative for you to start optimizing the reviews for your business now in order to ensure growth. Consumers are looking for reviews and your customers are ultimately responsible for your business’ online visibility and ranking in the Google Maps marketing 3-Pack by leaving positive reviews.

Websites Are Becoming Less Important

Consumers are trusting business websites less and less to help them make their buying decisions. They may still use a website for contact info or services offered, but a potential customer would rather read reviews to decide whether or not they are ready to take the next step with your business.

What matters is online visibility among the 3-Pack and the number of positive reviews that your business has. The Google Maps marketing campaigns is a trustworthy source for consumers.

Being in the Google Maps Marketing 3-Pack is indeed the first step to gaining the attention that you need for your business and drawing customers in to call and visit, leading them to purchase. You will need to work on your business’ online presence by staying relevant with a lot of positive, recent reviews, or fall off of the map by losing all visibility to potential customers while your competitors swoop in and take them by leveraging these tools that you could be using.

A Simple Solution

If you need help getting in your local Google 3-pack then contact Cary at Squawkia today. I’m HIGHLY trained and recommended in this field and have become the “Go-to” person for getting ranked in the Google Map Pack after Google’s BIG Possum Update hit.

Many business owners and marketers need my expertise because they can’t figure out why Google has filtered them (or their client) out of their local 3 pack and now they’re losing customers and clients everyday because their phones have literally stopped ringing overnight.

Contact us today, and we guarantee we will diagnose your problem and we guarantee we’ll get you back in the map pack within 90 days or we’ll pause any payments until we have you ranked on page 1. No hassles.

PLUS you can cancel at any time for any reason or no reason at all. You are not locked into any long term agreement. You can cancel anytime.

Of course once you see the stellar results, we don’t think you’ll want to cancel, but that is up to you!

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